using your tongue to relay a spirtual message.
Billy Bob was speaking in tongues when he showed me what a Texas Taint Tickler was.
by Deborah Spicer June 25, 2006
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To lie from the pulpit or otherwise use religion to try to get someone to trust you when you're just bu**s**tting them.
I see all of these televangelists ranting and roaring about Hellfire and damnation, but in many cases I suspect that they are merely speaking in forked tongues because they are just trying to get their viewers to donate money.
by QuacksO August 07, 2019
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The act of grabbing and securing ones balls with teeth, and licking the secured edges like an oversized ice-cube.
Did you see Pastor Browning the other day? I never knew he loved Speaking in Tongues!
by Jesusmyoneandonly June 27, 2021
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To speak your thoughts out loud, seemingly from your subconscious.

Talking your native lingo. It may be understood by hometown homies, but to most it will sound like mumbo jumbo
Cow: You mumble a lot
Zebra: Nah I just speak in tongues.
Cow: What the hell does that mean.?
Zebra: My brain got bypassed
by Banana Beeswax March 26, 2020
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Refers to where you express your passionate love and/or desire for someone by employing lots of fancy mouth-work on their genitals; no verbal words necessary.
In her famous song, "When You Say Nothing At All", I wonder if Alison Krauss was actually referring to how her lover can "speak in tongues" --- i.e., orally pleasure her "special spots" --- and thus demonstate how much he adores her without actually having to say anything.
by QuacksO August 07, 2019
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