1. You made a complete mess of something and you leave it for someone else to clean up

2. You took a sh!t while robbing someone's house

3. Or literally "Run away"
1. Person1 : No way, did you see what that boet did?!
Person2 : Yeah, kak en spat my bru

2. Robber1 : They're back! Kak en spat, KAK EN SPAT!
by KennyboiiDK November 22, 2021
A situation in a video game where you are at a disadvantage against your opponent yet you prevail. Coined by OhSlxyer while playing Call of Duty
"Damn he had more health and nades than me, yet I Spat on him"
by Haleez January 26, 2020
The act of applying moisture to a dry vagina
She opened her legs and I was consumed by a cloud of dust, like a sandstorm in the Sahara, so I spat in the burger. As made famous on a pinball forum
by Popeye is rubbish October 17, 2016
A small but unpleasant argument, normally with a close friend or relative.
“You need to stay on my sofa because you had a big fuck-off argument with your parents?”
“IT WASN'T A BIG FUCK-OFF ARGUMENT. It was... Just an Icky Spat.”
by C L G June 30, 2020
A routinely way of speaking. Talking about the same bull-- everyday. A way of speaking that may/will annoy anyone to tears.
I hate that guy! He has a spat routine that bores the living hell out of me!
by Malikana May 9, 2011