the act of two men, fully erect, spar (fight ) with their wieners, until one man begs gives up.
Angry with each other over a recent dispute, Steven and Christopher decided to solve it by wiener sparring. Christopher won and Steven limped away ashamed of his insufficient wiener
by Big Timber 69 April 19, 2009
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just once get your friends together and do this.
the act of sparring with wooden weapons that are not necessarily the same for each combatant.
Me: Short swords against a spear is kinda unfair...
Josh: Thats Freeform weapon sparring for ya'
Me: Dick..
by Tristan Wassem August 11, 2006
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A woman who is a fitty who waddles round stomping her feet like she's going to wet herself :D (From Wales)
by Bob Dunno October 13, 2010
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a person who does not fight back when necessary, the victim in an abusive relationship with their lover whom does not fight back
If you know your self-worth and value your life, you wouldn't be that man's sparring dummy.
by ShaSha13 May 5, 2017
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A Red Spar is a piece of sex equipment used by the Washington Redskins. Some may call it 'just a dildo' but the Redskins have an exclusive rights deal with the maker of 'The Red Spar'.
Jay Gruden caught Robert Griffin III using a Red Spar at halftime and scolded him for not waiting until after the game.
by Penguin Farmer April 22, 2015
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Spar is like clart from the GLC, listen to them all theyre the bomb from Newport. The goldie lookin chain. Checkout all their old albums spar
Clart: Orit spar fancy a fat spliff wot i made
Spar: nah clart i got one of my own
by Step lupid April 6, 2021
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The legend: You wanna fight?
Man 1/2: woah woah woah!
The legend: I was a sparring partner for Mohammed Ali, i'll take any two of you on right now!
man 1: What? Mohammed? Ali?! *gulp*
the legend: thats right!
man 1: *laughs*
by Kumbear December 16, 2022
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