Using SparkNotes and other related sites to study/cheat for tests.
Instead of reading Jane Eyre, I figured I'd just try sparknoting the whole thing and see how well I do on the test.
by AdiJ April 09, 2006
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a gift to man from On High! a way for every lazy high schooler to get the jist of nearly any book while letting the gay kids actually go through the trouble of reading a book all the way through...

don't use Sparknotes if you think Starbucks is a cool place to hang out or you're a guy and like it in the pooper...
read Gulliver's Travels by tomorow? fuck that I've got xBox to play...I'll just Sparknote it...

this is Sparknotes...this is beer...
by Samuel I. December 12, 2005
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A life saving website that explains all the books you are forced to read in class chapter by chapter giving you the ability to skate through the book tests without ever reading a page of it.
My god SparkNotes saved my grade!
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1. sparknoting a book- cheating, not really reading assigned hw
2. sparknoting- the act of making out durring an event such as a movie, and missing important information while doing so.
Sparknoting in the movietheater is a common activity such among couples such as ann and mike.
by sparstar7 October 04, 2006
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noun: 1. Of or relating to telling a story in which the listener would like a shortened version, or you only want to tell them the summary, of your tale.<br><br>
2. Telling someone not the complete story rather the summary usually with only the main parts involved. (Usually used when telling a story orally.)<br><br>
3. The telling of your lengthy story the way someone from Sparknotes would write it.

Labrea: Hey Billy, tell me what happened between you and Kyle!

Billy: Alright, I dont have much time so ill tell you the <i>sparknotes version</i> real quick.
by William Bunt [originator] December 16, 2007
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one who has the ability to make good grades by reading an assigned book, but continually uses to ace book quizzes.
Gabby was a sparknotes abuser; she used the website despite her intellect and Mr. Carlos telling her not to do so.
by saxredman July 29, 2012
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Auntie Sparknotes is a humor/advice columnist at the website
Auntie Sparknotes and her confidence pants-wearing lobsters vs. Dan Bergstein in werewolf form; who would win?
by SpiffyAlien June 17, 2010
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