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A nickname for a person who is often considered a slut. Spankis are nice people who have a tendency to date assholes with no job or friends. You can often find spankis on a bus on the way to a town were no one knows them or at a friends house hiding from there parents. Spankis are induviduals who do things there own way (witch explains the I instead of a Y) and don't care who they hurt on the way of getting wat they want. Spankis often find ways to come to your house and eat all your food and then leave. They are often really attractive but for some reason date the ugliest people. They make good "friends" most of the time but not usually. If you meet a spanki my suggestion is to just leave them alone unless u feel like having a pointless, random, on and off, but fun friendship. Spankis are also usually friends with twitches. Both are people who worship jonah falcon becouse of their weird obsession with penis.
Dude 1: omg man I met a chic name spanki last night she thought I was hot and she gave me her number.

Dude 2: dude ur ugly as hell and weigh 392 pounds no wonder she liked you. Spankis love fat asses!
by twitch koochanazz August 06, 2009
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