Of or having to do with the living of the DGAF lifestyle.
Johnny Richter and D-Loc of the Kottonmouth Kings and Kingspade are definitely two very spaded characters!
by chris from p-town July 14, 2006
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to be drunk and high at the same time. Pretty much means wasted to a whole new level to the point were you dont know what ur doing

damn nigga i was so fuckin spaded last night it was fuckin awesome!
by shoot_to_kill_records February 23, 2009
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When someone has you "beat", or is better than you at something.
Yeah nigga you put it down, but my dip had you spaded.
by doughnigga July 17, 2006
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(Adj) The same. But more so.

At a higher level.
"You were a bit spannered last night, weren't you?"

"In Spades, mate. In Spades"
by Stan Grytviken April 1, 2003
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A derogatory term for an African American, more commonly used in the post-Civil War era than today.
No you can't sit with me, you damn spade.
by tvh2k December 11, 2002
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A declaration that is made wordemphatically/word; without question and beyond doubt.
"she told him off in spades"
by Trogdor November 4, 2003
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