One of the members of the Kottonmouth Kings. An awesome guy.
"24/7 Everyday every minute ,
Everybody, every stoner, grab your bud keep composer ,
beer drinkers, pill poppers, acid heads and freaks,
All the creatures in the street Heroin addicts and geeks,
Kottonmouth kings signed a one way contract ,
To see the world and smoke the killa chronic ,
D-LOC said it, so don't you forget it
it's 4-4-2-0"
by LynZ Malakian May 7, 2004
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A kick-ass Kotton Mouth Soldier, who kicks it with Johnny Richter and Daddy X
Makes awesome music
Innovative rapper/singer
Sings about legalizing weed
You'll see smoke rising
Just who could it be?
It's my rhyme and crime partner
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a VERY hot member of kottonmouth kings, who doesnt give a fuck, amkes no apologies, and skateboards; drinks beers; and smokes pot all day!
D double dash i smash MC's
ill run up in your system like a cancerous disease
ill overtake your body legs limbs and sprouts
i rock the party party
i rock the ol' bicardi
i got your back dog, i got you back D2
judge d, D-LOC touchdown WOO WOO
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the hottest guy in Kottonmouth Kings that raps with Daddy X and Johnny Richter. Been doin it forever and just writes rythmes and smokes all dayyyyy.
You know Loc stays in the cut
you know the seats laid back
hat to the side
got an arm full of tats
Kottonmouth Represent
KMK on my stomach
Miller on my chest SubNoize on my wrists
D-loc on my lip
California in the Ditch
Date of birth on my neck
7 7 Represent
Knuckles all blasted
me and my sis all up
we go tthe top down
pop back
we dont give a fuck
by So_Cal_Babe January 18, 2008
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A person who you are deeply aquainted to as a good friend. a person who you look as a person of high friendship (also can be a person who smokes weed with you)
Hey wasup d-loc, d-loc up in he-ahh, or up in da how-see!
You d-loc pass me the weed.
by Jeffrey lui April 10, 2003
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someone whom you've had sexual relations with, and you now think lowly of them.
that hoe wasn't nothing but a d-loc.
by Morgana December 11, 2003
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