(verb) To fail multiple times for the same reason, then to completely bail out instead of dealing with the consequences upon realization of how terrible one is.
"Yeah, Bob pissed hot again, just grabbed his coat and Manny Ramirezed out
by Philippine Machine April 9, 2011
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A former player for the Boston Red Sox who is known for his "Manny Being Manny" attitude. It was this lack of teamliness and sportsmanship that caused the team in suumer 2008 to make him a free agent
Guy:"Did you see that guy over there?"
Girl: "You mean the one who's acting like a jerk and letting his team down?"
Guy: "Yup, he's such a Manny Ramirez."
by Soxinserif17 March 17, 2009
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The 2004 World Series MVP. Has a batting avg. over .300 on the 2004 season with the American League leader of SLugging Pct.
Did you see when Manny Ramirez robbed that homerun off Miguel Cairo??
by Vi3ttt December 8, 2004
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