The act of a man quickly switching from vaginal to anal sex without first warning his partner.
I was banging Lucille from behind last night, then I tried the southern cross. Boy did she scream!
by BigMacUSNA91 September 6, 2007
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"The southern cross isn't as bad as the Nazi Swastika like the NAACP says."
by Dave February 23, 2004
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Crossing two of your fingers when fingering a chick. Hypothetically, any two fingers can be used, but using the third and fourth fingers with the third pointing up usually gets the best results.
Big L: I gave that ho the southern cross, and she screamed.

Nerd: Ah, yes. I am acquainted with the man who invented the Southern Cross. I believe it works by stimulating the G-spot continuously. But never having used it myself, I find myself a bit out of my element.
by John CAF October 30, 2007
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Four stars that roughly form a cross. The stars are generally visible in the Southern Hempisphere.
The Southern Cross includes the closest star to Earth
by Zippy April 22, 2005
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1)a sneaky way to drag a cigarette without anyone seeing, this is acheived by holding the smoke parallel to the inside of the arm
billy was scared of being caught smoking at school so he started southern crossing it so nobody could see
by COYWS May 6, 2009
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Where two guys are going down on the same girl and one is eating the pussy and one is eating the ass and then they kiss
Me and my buddy did a southern border crossing on Maria after the party last night.
by A 1969 Honda civic October 15, 2023
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