4 definitions by BigMacUSNA91

The act of a man quickly switching from vaginal to anal sex without first warning his partner.
I was banging Lucille from behind last night, then I tried the southern cross. Boy did she scream!
by BigMacUSNA91 September 6, 2007
The seat that two heterosexual males must leave between each other when watching a movie together in an uncrowded theater.
Dude, why are you sitting right next to me? The theater's only half full. Maintain the man buffer and move over.
by BigMacUSNA91 December 5, 2007
What you get when you try really hard to look or sound cool, but it doesn't quite work. You're trying to get street cred, but you're unsuccessful and wind up with only sidewalk cred.
Martha Stewart quoted Jayzee on her show yesterday, earning some sidewalk cred.
by BigMacUSNA91 January 22, 2008
The unexpected, extra piece of shit that comes out of your ass after you think you're done on the toilet.
I thought I was done on the bowl, but when I stood up to pull up my pants, some extrement popped out of my ass.
by BigMacUSNA91 January 26, 2008