A really bitchy girl or woman, a very privileged and arrogant girl or woman. KFC (Krazy F**king C*nt).
It’s KFC Time, You work at KFC?, were you just at KFC?, Is KFC your favorite?, Karen Loves KFC
by Badango13 March 29, 2021
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The PeTA said that the main ingredient in KFC chicken is cruelty. Cruelty must taste goddamn good.
I've never had better-tasting cruelty before.
by Solarity June 9, 2005
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You spread crumbs on a condom, deep fry it and then use it to penetrate the woman, screaming "ITS FINGER LICKING GOOD" as you ejaculate. The woman MUST nibble off the crumbs and ejaculate from the condom before the act can be approved by the "Colonel in the corner" who is a man dressed as the KFC Colonel who stands in the corner of the room masturbating (optional).
"Hey Danny, how'd the KFC go last night?"
"What do you mean Alex? You were the colonel in the corner!"
by TheOGWaifu May 8, 2019
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Look at him. He loves it! Just like it said in the encyclopedia!

Dave Chappelle about KFC
by slomebokie February 29, 2008
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A brand of chicken with a "secret recipe". Not sure why they're allowed a secret recipe but everyone else is legally obliged to print it on the side of the packaging.
Ref: KFC Futurama "Benders Big Score"

"I found the Colonel's secret recipe: Chicken, grease, salt"
by mrpugh July 11, 2008
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Place where, as the stereotype goes, all black people eat.
Leroy: Ai yo les go get sum fried wingz at KFC

Tyrone: fo shizzle my nizzle
by fatfood March 20, 2005
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