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Alexus is a straight up, beautiful girl. She's populair, smart, and drop dead gorgeous. She is friendly to anyone she meets and a loyal friend. She seems to get hurt a lot but still looks for "the one". Alexus has a great figure and likes to be in the best shape. When you find an Alexus, never let go because once she's gone... you can't get her back.
"dayummm did you see alexus today? she's looking hella fine!"
"see that pretty girl? she has to be an alexus."
by girl of your dreamss May 02, 2009
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Alexus is the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet . She's mad fun to be around & has to be the fucking life of the party. Everybody wants to know her & these lame hoes wanna be her only cause she's smart , cute asf & can dress her ass off . But don't take her kindness for weakness she will still slap a bitch and/or nigga with a fucking quickness. She can be a cry baby or a bitch at times but you have no choice to love her, & if you don't your a fucking loser anyway.
Random bitch : have you seen Alexus today ?

Random bitch #2 : YAAAAS I wanna be her , I'm mad jelly
by Xo October 18, 2013
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She is an all around nice person, she is beautiful asf, she will text u alot when shes bored or whenever she wants. She is shy and has and always will be a nice person to you or jer freinds
Did u see a beautiful person around her said Bob
Ya i have i think her name is alexus said Jeff
by Leftywiseguy November 09, 2017
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One of the best girls around. She is a really good friend and she is not afraid to stand up for you. She would get suspended if she had to... just to protect a good friend. She is very smart and sassy. She is not afraid to fight a boy as she only fights boys. She has cute brown hair and very long eyelashes. She usually gets along with an Allen the most. She also secretly has feelings for her best friend. But, she is to afraid to spill the beans about it. Only because she fears the rejection.
Robert: Aye stupid! I'm talking to you Sara

Alexus: Hey Robert, you better shut your pie hole before I come over there!

Robert: Make me you little baby!

Alexus: Runs over and tackles Robert teaching him a lesson

Sara: Thanks, Alexus...
by TheGirlInTheShadows March 12, 2019
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A Beautiful talented girl slowly throwing her life away, but not on purpose. She is very insecure and is heart broken by her first love. She is loyal to everybody She cares for. A disrespectfull person, because doesn't take disrespect Well. Doesn't lie unless really needed. Is honest to her word. Rather chill with Alot of people and have fun. She is a fashion icon with a beautiful smile. Loved by many and hated by many.
Breyonna: I worder what it feels like to be lost in this world ???

dae: idk ask alexus.
by devontaesha January 12, 2013
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