creative way of saying "sup", which is abbreviation for "what's up", which means "what is up?" Which is asking a person what somebody is up to or doing.

It's better than simply asking what's up, purely because soup is fucking awesome.
Person 1: Hey man, soup?

Person 2: Not much!

Both: .... mmmm souuuuppp

Person 2: Chicken noodle is the best!

Person 2: WTF? GTFO NOOOOOB Alphagetti for the win
by Eladsnid January 10, 2011
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Literally a replacement for the word 'cool' or 'awesome' originating from back street slang.
Ali: i did a backflip yesterday
Michaek: wow! that's soup!
Ali: i know right!
by Jack Berry November 11, 2011
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adj, vb
1 a: sound produce by cupping the index through rim fingers, inserting them into the vagina and waving in a reverse "u" motion
2 a: to complete an action b: to retrieve an item
ex: 1. I fingered her dude and it was like, "soup".
2. John souped the test or Larry, could you soup Bob the remote?
by Lister November 04, 2004
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A code name to describe a very attractive male.
Evelyn: His abs are so impaled into his spine you could eat soup off them.

Alana: Zam I know right!

Evelyn: Have you seen soup today?
*everyone looks*
Emily: Who’s soup..?
Evelyn & Alana: NOBODY.
by souplover69 January 04, 2018
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A late eighties/early nineties term for crack cocaine.
You wanna buy some soup?
You been soupin' punk?
by heffa May 27, 2003
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Term used to describe people, places, or things as awesome, amazing, or great. It often replaces the word "beast" as the adjective.

Just say the word over and over slowly and you will find yourself liking it more and more.
Man 1: Hey did you hear about that new economic plan?
Their gonna give everyone $1000!

Man 2: Really? That's soup!

Man 3: Yeah that's very soup!

Man 1: Hey dude, don't overuse soup, then it becomes shako*.

*Shako is the opposite of soup
by Don't Spill the Soup November 01, 2009
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