abbreves for super.
invented by floflo OBVI
- hey i found this definition on urbandictionary that proves you invented "soups"
- OH SOUPS! i told you so! wanna go get ice cream?
- yeah k soups let's go
by floflo123 October 05, 2008
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Plural of Soup, meaning "Multiple Soups"

Can be in reference to multiple bowls of soup, (ergo Minestrone, Tomato, or Pea & Ham) or a collection of people with soup-branded surnames (Campbell, Oak Hill, Heinz).

The Campbell's in particular are renowned for being an outstanding family, with a loving and very tolerant heritage, beautiful daughters, and a perchance for Gin.

Very good at making soup (food) meatballs and curry.
Person A: Wow whats that your eating??
Person B: Soup.
Person A: Is it good?
Person B: S'ok... Would be better if I had multiple soups though.

Tobias: I'm just nipping over the Soups...

Heinous person: Your going to the kitchen?

Tobias: No... The Soups! Those crazy people who live with the cats!

Heinous person: Mmmmm.... Souuups.
by Les_Pamplemousse April 15, 2011
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Pot, marijuana, weed, cannibas.
I'm gonna grab some beer and soup and get shitfaced.
by asdf January 20, 2005
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creative way of saying "sup", which is abbreviation for "what's up", which means "what is up?" Which is asking a person what somebody is up to or doing.

It's better than simply asking what's up, purely because soup is fucking awesome.
Person 1: Hey man, soup?

Person 2: Not much!

Both: .... mmmm souuuuppp

Person 2: Chicken noodle is the best!

Person 2: WTF? GTFO NOOOOOB Alphagetti for the win
by Eladsnid January 10, 2011
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Literally a replacement for the word 'cool' or 'awesome' originating from back street slang.
Ali: i did a backflip yesterday
Michaek: wow! that's soup!
Ali: i know right!
by Jack Berry November 11, 2011
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adj, vb
1 a: sound produce by cupping the index through rim fingers, inserting them into the vagina and waving in a reverse "u" motion
2 a: to complete an action b: to retrieve an item
ex: 1. I fingered her dude and it was like, "soup".
2. John souped the test or Larry, could you soup Bob the remote?
by Lister November 04, 2004
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