the piece of facial hair on david villa's face. it's irresistable because villa is one sexy soccer player.
Ladies can't resist the soulpatch!
by gerard piqué. August 07, 2010
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The patch of hair grown right under the lip. Especially seen on sexy spanish men.
The worlds best striker and hottest man alive: David Villa is a prime example of a amazing soul patch.
by Srawrrrrrrrrr September 08, 2010
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A small tuft of male facial hair located in the center below the lower lip; universally identifying the wearer as a complete douchebag and sexually impotent unless the wearer is a virtuoso heterosexual jazz musician.
Check out Ryan's new soul patch. He must have totally given up on ever getting laid by a woman again!

"Why don't you grow a soul patch?"
"Duh? Do I look like a douche?"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 24, 2010
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The unattractive chicklet-like tuft of hair that finds its home directly below the central region of an overzealous male's bottom lip.
That carni has cotton floss entwined within his soul patch.
by L-dezee April 10, 2006
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The now obsolete name for the male facial hair feature now known as a Douche Tag or Dork Tuft.

Historically known also as a Sax Player's Moustache

It consists of a tuft of hair left unshaven just under the lower lip, upper lip and chin are clean shaven.

Sported with and without sideburns of varying ludicrous lengths.
Jeebus! That Soul Patch makes you look like a douche!
by Phineas T July 05, 2009
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found on guys primarily in the 90s, instantly turns anyone into a douche when coupled with crappy tattoos and bandanas worn in white trash fashion
He has a soul patch today? I've lost all respect for him.
by bananaramatelephone May 01, 2014
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