A person questioning their sexuality who uses a same sex openly gay friend to have a pseudo-relationship with. They flirt with, question, and faux date their gay friend under the guise of friends hanging out.

It doesn't cover up as much as a full beard, and most people can see what's going on underneath.
My best friend asked me to the movies and asked me how I "knew" I was sexually attracted to women, I think I am her soul patch.

My friend insists we hang out everyday, when I told him I was too busy he acted like I broke up with him. I think I am his soul patch.
by KerrHomos January 22, 2015
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n. The beautiful garden of man-hair below my disgustingly wet lower lip.
Hey man, check out my luxurious soul patch.
by ShareefT January 29, 2007
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Verb; An intentionally ambiguous term implying an unknown or unforeseen threat, promise, or praise; spoken in a spirit of complete and purposeful ambivalence which will leave the implied act completely to the imagination.
1.) As a threat: "Do that again, dude, and I swear I will soul patch your ass."
2.) As a vague, neutral comment or invitation: "Want to soul patch later?"
3.) As a prop: "dude, that was soul patch!"

Note: this term is best used with completely mixed emotional overtones, all the better to confuse the intended audience. For Instance, use example 2 in the same tone you would say example 1. Better: example 1 in the tone of example 3. Hilarity ensues, guaranteed.
by Schuyler The Cat August 17, 2011
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(n). A girlfriend or wife of a gay man, traditionally called a Beard, but for religious reasons.
Karen Pence is a Soul Patch.
by Roxy C. Moorecox May 19, 2018
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the small stiched patch on your heart when your soul is sucked out
aka?: school
when in school the icy cold death breat of a teacher will suck the fun out of you. the only thing that can cure you is fun, but your soul will never be the same because it is sewn up with a soul patch.
by lilVvicous January 06, 2007
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