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The obsolete term for a man's patch or tuft of hair which grows directly under his bottom lip, and can be any length at all. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation or any other model of social engineering.

The modern updated term for Soul Patch is now Douche Tag or Dork Tuft. However, those born in early 60's will argue that Flava Sava is the only term to use, for this misplaced stache

The Man's Upper lip, Sideburns, and Chin are to be clean shaven in order to really let the patch show and stand out.

WARNING: this action can not be undone, but thankfully- hair grows back! ;)
Actor and Flava Sava dynamo, Adrien Brody reveals with pride his latest commercial which reveals the uses of a mufti-purposed Soul Patch and body hair trimmer
by GreyWolfMan January 19, 2013

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