An adjective that can be used anyway and in any sentence to make you sound url gangster.
Derek and Vince son son some son and son that bitnazz erry day. Nah mean?
by Al and Mo March 29, 2009
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Stretched Out Nipples. Nipples that are extremely large and look like they've been pulled and stretched over the pecs/boobs.
That guy/girl I went home with had the nastiest SONs, so I left.
by camjam21 February 15, 2009
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S.O.N. is an acronym for Shittin On Niggas.
Trust me. Project S.O.N. starts in 2019. We gonna be Shittin On Niggas harder than ever
by Papa Selo November 10, 2018
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*Sister over Niggas

--When you put your bestfemale friend and or sister before another guy.
Similar to "Homies over Hoes" or "Bros. before hoes"

"Niggas got the game fucked up #S.O.N"
by flux_pistol May 30, 2013
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a flunky or a person lower in status, rank, or importance than one sees themself
i ain't even gonna do shit. i'ma sick my son on you.
by Damian A. Smith March 06, 2005
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Derrogitory term used by people of power, especially ones like Assistant Principles. Mainly for pretending you know who it is, but you have no freaking clue.
Alan: Son, why don't you come over here.
Me: Oh god, what did I do now.
by noR ydnagruB March 22, 2007
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