*Sisters over Niggas

--When you put your bestfemale friend and or sister before another guy.
Similar to "Homies over Hoes" or "Bros. before hoes"

"Niggas got the game fucked up #S.o.N"
by flux_pistol May 30, 2013
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In the gay community, a less experienced or docile youth that takes on a dependent or submissive role; similar to boy toy; opposite of "daddie." However, the antonyms 'boy toy' and 'sugar daddy' usu. imply more substantial relations.
Although he's not a kept boy, he likes to play the role of a son in the bedroom when he hooks up with older men.
by mvuono57 May 24, 2009
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your own sperm, semen, or ejaculate.
When I come in your mouth, don't spit it bitch. That's my son that your dealing with!
by Jermaine Bill May 30, 2009
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the word you use when you are telling someone to "beat your ass"
when that brad guy from the real world alomst got in a fight

"come on son ...whatcha gonna do son...what son what!!"
by bryn December 17, 2004
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