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A version of Sofi, which refers to a Sophie who is not a basic bitch, for example, When you see 'sophie' you think basic Bitch, but when you see 'Sofi ' you think wow this girls got charisma, with a playful charm about her.
Someone: Bath, meet Sophie
Bath: Sophie? basic af
Sophie: Actually, it's Sofi
Everyone: Oooh, that's much better
by Dr Sofi Drew Mary Foster Witch September 03, 2018
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The most beautiful & kind girl in the world.
Is that who I think it is? There goes Sofi!
by Wes April 26, 2005
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sofi: a girl and that goes beyond for everyone and everything and puts a smile on everyone's face when they're around her also she is very fucking hot and i really love her, like a lot
by kofi64$38383838 October 16, 2018
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A small, shy, and fragile girl who is, lets be honest, somewhat annoying, but also a great friend. Sofi share her food, Sofi doesnt like to be touched. But underneath all the cons of Sofi, she is out going, fun, exciting, and just fun to be around.
Ugh! You're such a Sofi.
Why can't you be more like a Sofi?
I wish you were less like a Sofi.
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by smarter than smarties November 28, 2016
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Some Other Female Interest
Man 1:"Dude I know I have this chick on my nuts already but i see SOFI out on the dance floor."

Man 2:"Don't worry I will handle her for you, go get SOFI!"
by Walrusucio October 17, 2010
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Simply the most amazing person hands down ever shut the fuck up if you don't think so I will hurt you. She is beautiful, sweet, kind, amazing, intelligent, witty, and most of all just perfect. I'm really lucky to have a Sofi in my life. I hope she never leaves.
Woah man you think you found a sofi? Nah she can't be that, perfect people like those are 1 in 7 billion
by Dyljam12341 December 17, 2018
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