word to bro is a prominent slang in new york very similar to word to my mother but instead it’s to your blood brother or a male you’ve grown up with that you consider to be your brother
dd: these dudes really gettin on my nerve word to bro

quan: word to bro y’all buggin out
by onlyyprime April 24, 2023
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Basically a phrase meant to piss people off. If you think about it, many words can fit between "U" and "BRO?", with the most common outcome of "UMADBRO?", indeed one of the most annoying phrases in history. Women may be offended by this, most likely due because they are not male, however if you ask something like say "UMADSIS?" it just wouldn´t sound right. Be advised to use "BRO?" instead of "SIS?" to prevent yourself from looking like a total dickhead.
John smells something coming from the bathroom. He knocks on the door.

Sarah: I´ll be out in a minute!
Sarah: What the fuck?!

Mike: The only thing left to watch is Jersey Shore
John: Uh huh
Mike: I got to admit Pauly is cute

Liz: My dog died
John: Feel sorry for ya
Liz starts crying.

Try to make up your own combinations with U‹Insert word(s)›BRO?, but use it in appropiate situations, like the ones above.
by I´mYoGrandpaSoListenUp February 24, 2012
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A way for sick cunts to guarantee their word or integrity.
Hey cunt! That bud was fucking rank yeah.. word bro.
by Aussie Tweaker July 19, 2021
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