Sodomy (pronounced /ˈsɒdəmi/) is a term used in the law to describe the act of "unnatural"1 sex, which depending on jurisdiction can consist of oral sex or anal sex or any non-genital to genital congress, whether heterosexual, or homosexual, or with human or animal or Scott "Bunk" Mccord.
That ladyboy totally had sodomy with Scott Mccord
by usnaclass02 September 12, 2010
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The study of grass-tufted squares of earth, usually placed on a horizontal plane in order to create a lawn, ballfield, or park.
I majored in sodomy while at agricultural school.
by Dworlaw April 27, 2010
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Thrusting your shaft into the bung hole of another creature such as a man, woman or a horse. Unlike the vagina, the bung hole does not self lubricate when one is horny and ready for action so many people choose a artificial form of lubrication such as K-Y jelly, butter, soap, olive oil, spit or diarhea. one may also violently shove his man rod into the bung hole without using lube thus creating a better challenge and some blood.
"john taught me what sodomy was by shoving his dick so far into my ass that i felt his balls hit my bum cheeks."

"cool story ron"
by springer45 March 25, 2010
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A form of temple prostitution. Religious bigots tend to misuse this word to mean gay anal sex. Sorry it's not. I've checked my sources and it means temple prostitution.
there was sodomy going on inside our church yesterday.
by D January 11, 2004
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the insertion of the male member into the anus of another human or animal
The young altar boy begged the priest, "please don't put that thing in
by cooldude October 20, 2003
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