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Being interrupted mid-masturbation. Can be when one is directly caught in the act or is interrupted by other means, i.e. an unexpected guest at the door, a phone call, someone coming to check up on them, etc.
I was almost finished choking the chicken when my brother barged into my room and sock blocked me.
by MylesMad May 08, 2015
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The act of placing a sock on the door of your college dorm, preventing your room mate from entering
johnny- hey jimmy, it's four in the morning, what are you doing in the hallway?

jimmy- larry finally got in mary's pants so he sock blocked me
by long night alright December 29, 2010
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To have placed a large quantity of dirty laundry in front of all possible exits, making it impossible to leave the "sock blocked" room.
Skyler: Let me clear out the middle of the room.

Meghan: Sounds good. Put the laundry by the door.

Skyler: How do we get out?

Meghan: I don't know. We just sock blocked ourselves.
by Skitlles&Meggles June 15, 2011
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