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The saying or phrase with these specific two words that contradict each other for a common goal of agreeing with someone when they prove you wrong but still keeping the appearance that you are right too. Also somehow in the process that even though they were right that they in some way are retarted for calling you out.
Random Friend: Hey is there peanuts in this chocolate bar? Cuase I'm deadly allergic.

You: No man, s'all g, no peanuts in there.

Retarted Friend: Hey man, just cuase there's no peanuts in the ingredients doesn't make it safe, look here on the lable it says "may contian traces of nuts", You cudda killed him!

You: Same Difference, man...
by Wollf April 7, 2010
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The most epic weekend known to man (also known as 'epic may long')
- Ridiculous camping experiences where:
Copious amount of alchohol are consumed despite the governments attempt to make it a dry weekend through various drinking games or through the insane ability to consume an inhuman amount of alchohol
Lengedary Adventures are created, which in turn create stories which are told, retold, changed to something utterly ridiculous, but not denied, and reminised once a week at a weekely get together in a place where cheap wings are sold
Usually a large amount of nakedness occurs as a result of large amounts of alchohol or most usually the desire to go skinny dipping hopefully meeting up with a group of girls also enjoying there epic may long
"Hey man you coming on our may long weekend camping trip" "Hell ya, remember last year" "Damn striaght i do, soo epic!"

"K i totally don't remember inviting that guy on this may long weekend campin trip" "Who?" "That guy over there" "You mean Aussie?" "Yeah man" "No worries we'll just leave his drunk ass naked on the beach"
by Wollf December 1, 2008
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The phenomenum of the pleasure that is McDonalds transfered into to sheer euphoria as you consume the large variety of artery clogging cuisines, instantly spreading happiness across your face in the form off a smile.

Also known as the McGrin
Slim Jim: Dude look at that guy at McDonalds, he's Gianormus! I give him 2 months left to live tops!

Small Paul: Man, don't worry bout it! Look how happy that dude is eating his Big Mac, he'll die with a McSmile on his face for sure!

Slim Jim: Ah yes, the good ol' McGrin...lets go get a burger!
by Wollf April 7, 2010
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A variation of the term cock block, which would be used to define the act of one person preventing a man from sexual intercoarse, but in this case preventing a man from masterbating.
Adam: Man, I accidently just walked in on Jerry naked, it was not good.
Steve: Sick man, did he say anything?
Adam: No man he was just holding a sock...
Steve: Haha! You totally just Sock Blocked Jerry Man!
by Wollf April 12, 2010
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