Soccer is the world's most popular sport, and for good reason. Soccer actually requires physical skill and mental toughness. Unlike lame US sports like football, baseball, or nascar (nascar for fuck's sake), soccer players are required to put in some effort.

Football players rest every single goddamn play. Baseball players stand in a field for hours playing with themselves. Nascar isn't even a sport--it's driving a car in a fucking circle 500 times.

For those who say soccer is a pussy sport, stop being ignorant. Football seems tough but with all those pads it's pointless. It's just a pussified version of rugby. Wow America sure screws up good sports.
Soccer is better than football because it takes actual talent.

Soccer girls are hot.

American football is retarded because they never use their feet except for kickers/punters. Call it throwball/runball/carryball/idiotball, just not football.
by nation January 28, 2006
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Dumbest game ever. Involves a bunch of fags running up and down a three mile long field trying to kick a ball into a net like fifty yards wide. There is normally about thirty people from each team on the field at once. Teams only score like 1 goal a game. Its boring as shit. People call it the most popular sport to make themselves feel better about liking a garbage ass game. Requires no skill except for running and kicking a ball. Oh yea and flopping. Look at someone wrong and they will flop thirty feet and you will get a red card and be forced to sit your ass on the bench the rest of the game. They run around like Kenyans out there and you can't even sub people in. The clock don't even stop when the ball goes out of bounds. When someone finally scores you would think they just won the lottery or some shit. And who the Fuck decided to name it soccer? What the hell kind of name is that. Football makes more sense but American football kinda took over the name cuz its like 1000000000 times better. Lousy excuse for a sport. It's for white Europeans who aren't good enough to play real sport like basketball, baseball, hockey, American football, or anything else that actually requires skill.
Watching Golf> Soccer
by Its_Butters December 06, 2017
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Sport that all the sexy men play.
Guys with great, muscular legs! Yummy!
Man, he plays soccer, what a hottie!!
by soccer July 15, 2003
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a sport that americans ignore, except for one month every 4 years, when they act like they give a rat's ass about the sport. once the US team is eliminated from the world cup, they ignore soccer once again.
soccer is futbol to many. but in the us, we like football.

dude, seriously, i mean i'm a big sports fan. i love football, hockey, baseball, basketball, racing, boxing- hell, i'll even watch bowling. but i just find soccer boring.
by Eye In The Sky June 22, 2006
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The best play where the best actors perform in a massive stage with spectators watching in the millions.
I want to get ready for the next play, I'll watch the Soccer game to help and get ideas.
by Kataphraktoi July 23, 2011
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The best sport known to man. Takes a shit load of indurance and speed.. i would know im a soccer player..soccer kicks ass |..|,
If you dont like soccer.. call me at 1-800-eat-shit
by Nick Valadao July 23, 2004
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Probably an excellent game, I never watch it, but is heavily criticed because of the determination to watch an entire game at once, and the fact that many players get a tap on the leg and fall to the ground as if having there leg shattered and someone shooting them in the chest. Then they become magically fine by the power of the band-aid and/or ointment.
Did you see that soccer game yesterday?

No, I fell asleep after the 38th minute.
by mp1840 February 08, 2009
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