The greatest footballer ever. True gift for the Brazillians and football world. Much better than maradona the fuckhead.
by rocky December 7, 2003
while having intercourse, the woman appraches orgasm. when she is very close, hop off and kick her straight in the box. this is pele
we broke up cause i gave her pele
by iejlkdnldnd July 25, 2006
the vicious, libido-driven alter-ego of a man, namely, Celedonio
by emmanuel lozano August 18, 2003
Second best soccer player. Fifa's ass kisser. Barzilian equivalent for "viado"
by Joao Havelange May 20, 2008
the greatest soccer player ever to grace the game.
muhammed ali actually went to one of pele's games. after the game, ali said to his assistant, "now i understand, he is greater than i". yes, muhammed ali said that.
by azn stunna November 21, 2006
The Volcano Mother-Goddess of Hawaii. Often known as passionate and wrathful, the Hawaiians were terrified of her for her creative and destructive power.
Pele created these islands. Don't take any rocks or she will be angry!
by RoseMarie Bell September 9, 2011
Pele is the name of a volcano goddess in Hawaii. The volcano she is said to live in is on the largest island of Hawaii and is called 'Kilauea'.
A local Hawaiian might say "Have you visited the volcano of Pele? It's very sacred."

"Kilauea is home of Pele, a volcano goddess who protects Hawaiians from the violent volcanic eruptions."
by ~Rainbow~ December 30, 2011