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Probably an excellent game, I never watch it, but is heavily criticed because of the determination to watch an entire game at once, and the fact that many players get a tap on the leg and fall to the ground as if having there leg shattered and someone shooting them in the chest. Then they become magically fine by the power of the band-aid and/or ointment.
Did you see that soccer game yesterday?

No, I fell asleep after the 38th minute.
by mp1840 February 08, 2009
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When a song is on the game Guitar Hero/ Rock Band, and everyone gets the game, therefore solidifying its popularity and making it a cliche to listen to it anymore.
Bill- Have you ever heard this song before?

Jim- Oh yeah, it was on Guitar Hero!
Now it's awesome!

Bill- Oh great, the song got Guitar Hero'd
by mp1840 February 08, 2009
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