14 definitions by Ma-Rak

1. Something that is considered painful, but yet is really fun.
2. A person who is a pain to be around but the things that they have such as a Wii are fun.
Person 1: That Jonah kid is such a painfun!
Person 2: Why is that?
Person 1: He is so annoying but yet his house has some of the most amazing things!
by Ma-Rak January 18, 2008
A person or an act that is totaly lame.
Person 1: My parents said that I couldnt go to the game with you.

Person 2: Well that's ass-poopy!
by Ma-Rak January 18, 2008
A type of person. For example:Prep, Self-Absorbed, Diva, Drama Queen.
Ashley: OMG! My daddy wouldn't give me 100 dollars to go to the mall with! Just cuz I wrecked his new stang!
Bri(thinking to herself): Why do I hang out with this Alasmine?
by Ma-Rak October 25, 2007
(N.) What guys where around there eyes that is the equivelent of mascara. It is also called guy liner.This is typically worn by people who are under the stereotype of "emo".
Guyscara so doesn't look good on that emo kid over there. He needs to stop posing.
by Ma-Rak November 30, 2007
A person who steals a phrase that you say and uses it repetitivley.
Sam: So I says to Kieth "Listen man I got mad ladies lining around the block."
later on in the day....
Jen: I got mad ladies lining up around the block.
Sam: You are such a phrase whore!
by Ma-Rak September 28, 2007
That flakey white stuff that falls off the doughnut while eating it. The stuff usually gets all over the front of your shirt and pants.
person 1: you got some doughnut debris on your shirt.

person 2: thanks for saving me.
by Ma-Rak January 23, 2008
Boots that girls/women wear that are knee high, usually made of leather and, have a heel.
Spencer: Look at those boots Nolan is wearing.
Ma-Rak: Those are some major slut boots.
by Ma-Rak September 28, 2007