oh man it's February 14th time to eat ice cream and cry about how lonely I am on my birthday
by Ben, middle name Dover, Forme September 1, 2017
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The one day of the year where you have to be romantic to your significant other.
February 14th
Man: Hey sweetie, let's go out to a fancy place tonight, my treat! oh also, I bought you a diamond ring to match your pearl necklace.
Woman: Oh, I love you Bob!
February 15th
Man: HEY WOMAN!!! get me another can of beer! *BELCH*
woman: I have a name you know!!!
by Kururu February 13, 2008
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The worst day to exist if you're birthday was this day you were a mistake and you're a hoe.
Hey, what you doing February 14th?! KMS stfu hoe.
by im hot lol December 7, 2022
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International forever alone day, it’s because you look ugly.
February 14th is the day where you will be forever along
by Whatever122 October 28, 2019
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Me: I Love You!
Crush: Why?
Me: It’s February 14th! ❤️
by Nikita! ❤️ November 12, 2019
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Why is everyone born this day single and hot asf? I cant answer that at all sadly but ily<3
Damn they were born February 14th? But they have a great personality and are fine asf, How???
by Alfredo:) June 11, 2021
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The day where fast runners are born
People who are born on February 14th are considered fast
by Trueness for True November 2, 2019
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