The name of the pet bear that will one day maul it's owner.
Snuggles sure put the "own" into "owner."
by A Fern March 29, 2010
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In reference to the Snuggles teddy bear. To call some one soft...scared, nonconfrontational...too nice or girly
Yo let me find out we got snuggles over here...
by Thrizz November 05, 2006
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To engage in close embrace with another person. Usually in place of sex, especially if you think Bob Dole and those "E.D." commercials might be on to something.
"Let's snuggle, honey."
"I thought you went to the doctor, already."
by dude February 18, 2003
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1. Cuddling that turns into sex.

2. The bees knees of cuddling.

3. The far superior counter part to a cuddle session.
1. Well that happened real quick.

2. I want to snuggle.
3. That included a happy ending.
by PineappleJuice March 04, 2015
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When two people, usually opposite sex, get close to eachother and giggle and laugh... ect.
those people on the bus snuggled right in front of us!
by me March 31, 2003
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