one who sits on his or her ass on the hill or in the park, getting in the way. one who prefers to scrape all the snow off the mountain. Sits in the park just taking up space but never doing anything.
i took out anougher snowboarder today... it felt great
by WOOOOO January 21, 2004
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A complete cunt. A pussy who's too chicken to ski. Likes to show off by colliding with slow-moving skiers...because that's the only target they have enough control to hit. They also take up twice as much space on a chair, and don't know how to queue.
It really makes my day to see a snowboarder flown off the mountain.
by Flyinkiwi August 03, 2004
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Well phat person has dope steez!
sport ever!
That snowboarder has dope steez- he has cool clothes
by bonzo November 27, 2003
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1) a person who snowboards and stereotypically is a total douchebag, mostly because they either a) think that snowboarding is superior b) stop in the middle of the slope c) and/or slide around and cut up the fresh gnar and get in everyone's way while looking like they are about to wipe out.

or d) people who moved into the midwest from california who only know how to surfboard.
2) enemy of most skiers. ancient rivalry between the two that can never be quenched as long as there is snow and canada, wisconsin, colorado, and minnesota.
skier 1: omg, i think gavin is coming down the hill!!
skier 2: dude, he's a snowboarder...you and i both know all about those little fuckers.
skier 1:didn't he move here from cali, though?
skier 2: all snowboarders, even if they came from california, belong in hell.
gavin: hey guys
skier 2: fuck you, you ruin all slopes
by donut sauce February 24, 2019
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