When you take a load of cum and place it on the face of your lover be it she-man or woman
She was trippin so i turned that Witch into {snow white}
by Cherry Garcia February 17, 2008
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(N.) A Racist Bitch who should be killed for her numerous Hate Crimes in the fifties.
Fuck her and her Seven Dwarfs. What kind of S&M Shit is that anyway? Seven Dwarfs...
by G-Union 2 November 24, 2004
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a guy that has a rather small penis, is white and is quite a whore. The label of snow white can be quickly passed around it is very infectious. if you hang around, or talk to a snow white you will most likely start carrying that label. if you decide to hook up with a snow white most likely everyone you know will look down at you with shame. It is very smart to stay away from anyone you know that carrys the name of "snow white". and be cautious that name is VERY VERY VERY contagious! it has already started to attck kilmer middle school starting wiht this one very special person who will not be named.
all boys and girls should STAY AWAY!
symptoms (for boys): horny alot, new title of man whore, may receive innappropriate pictures from girls and guys, gay thougts, will start to touch the other "snow whites", always thinking about fucking the hottest girls, a loss of real friends and reputation to deny the fact that you are gay, thinks that you are gay.
Snow white started hanging around the new kid at school and now that kid is getting pictures, cheating on his girlfriend, and is pretty much a HUGE man whore.

by nooooone March 10, 2007
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The first princess of Disney, but also the most forgotten princess in stores they barely sell anything about snow white
Y/N: Snow White is My Favorite Princess

Disney: Who is that?
by randomperson4b February 25, 2021
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