A person who believes they are "pure as the driven snow".
Someone who thinks they can do no wrong and never have.
Someone who is very self-important.
Someone who feigns innocence, even in the face of facts and evidence against them.
Someone who plays dumb on purpose.
Usually female, but not always.
"What do you mean you know I stole your boyfriend? I assure I did no such thing!"
"But I saw you kissing him last night."
"How dare you accuse me of something so horrible! I would NEVER do that. You clearly saw someone else and thought it was me."
"You were wearing the same shirt you are wearing today. GOD, you're such a Snow White."
by youaresucharetard September 08, 2011
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The act of making out with someone's neck while having an ice cube in your mouth.
Woah dude, this Snow White feels like the North Pole on my neck!
by Quinn008 December 06, 2010
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A black, generally raven haired woman with pale blue eyes.
Dianna's such a foxy Snow White! I love her black hair and cornflower blue eyes!
by maplefrost December 27, 2017
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See: roofie. Date-rape is so crude. Remember, she doesn't wake up until I get my last kiss (:
Hey brah I snow whited that hot girl last night. Shit was so cash. She didn't wake up until I got my last kiss :)
by Your Best and Only Friend September 17, 2010
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A beautiful young innocent princess in her teens, with skin as white as snow,long hair as black as ebony, and lips as red as blood. She is the most beautiful human to ever live, and every guy that sees her falls in love, and every girl either wants to be her or envy's her.
"Oh my god she's gorgeous, her skin is pure white, her hair is silky black, and her lips are so red."
"Oh yea thats snow white."
"I want to marry her"
by Jaaaacckkkkk A December 14, 2016
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