1) When you try to produce a show and it is rescheduled for a year later due to scheduling conflicts. In the process of trying to get the show rescheduled, many problems occur.

2) A curse that you say when you want a show to fail miserably.
"Ugh, our show was canceled! I bet we're gonna have a Snow White trying to reschedule!"

"I hate this show! I hope it fails! Snow White!!"
by Jared Assumer March 01, 2010
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When you are tittie fucking a girl and you bust a load on her chest, then wipe ip the cum with your hand and slap her across the face with it.
"I busted on my girls chest, then wiped that shit up with my hand and slapped the bitch in the face."

"I gave my bitch a snow white this afternoon on her bedroom floor"
by r-dizzel March 14, 2007
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Someone (usually a woman) who is given the highest accolade of seven dwarfs when being judged on attractiveness. The word derives from the tale of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' in which Snow White befriends seven dwarfs but is made ill by a poison red apple. Therefore if it is later discovered that a snow white has a major flaw (or weakness), the flaw is termed a red apple (poison red apple or poison apple).
Friend1: "How was Brazil?"
Friend2: "It was full of snow whites."
by Sir Pink Panther April 11, 2006
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Snow White, is when you pull out of a blow job and shoot Cum up a girls nose, so she'll taste it for a week.
Dennis gave Ashley the snow white a week ago and she can still taste it everytime she swallows.
by Gazer_123 August 10, 2010
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