A line of cocaine; another term for a “bump
You guys wanna go in the bathroom and snort a snow snake?”
by Goatman Gamer February 2, 2023
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the nemisis of skiers and boarders the world over. Snowsnakes tend to like to warm them shelves on steep snow-covered slopes. Their white color makes them impossible to see while skiing or boarding. Often the cause for unxplained wipe outs.
dude1: Man, that was a killer wipe out!
dude2: Yeah, must have hit a fucking snow snake!
by BrutusMaxumus May 13, 2006
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A snake that travels under deep snow commonly in the area of upper michigan that causes you to loose your boot. the only way to catch one is to go to the deep snow in the middle of a field with a fishing net and six- pack of beer.
the damn snow snake took my boot help me dig it out.
by sexysnowbird August 2, 2009
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This is what will crawl up your ass in the dead of winter if you have to take a shit outside, especially in New England.
Parent to child: don't go to the bathroom outdoors in winter, or a snow snake could crawl up your butt.

Man, I gotta take a dump but I'm afraid a snow snake will crawl up my ass!
by CJMO November 2, 2006
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When snow blows across the highway due to high winds, potentially blinding travelers. It’s name come from the way it shifts moves and slithers across the highway.
When we were driving there were “Snow snakeseverywhere
by The OG Christian March 4, 2019
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A pejorative for Russians. Because they are sneaky cold-blooded reptiles, and also covered in snow
These fucking snow snakes are bombing Crimea

I hope the snow snakes stop uploading shit in Russian. I Sure would love Kingsman 2 in English. Instead of them snow snake clucks and whistles.
by Fuckrussia October 6, 2017
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