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when you ejaculate on the bottom of the toes on a woman's feet
The most fun in giving a woman snow shoes is walking off after you drop the load and leaving her to figure out how to get to the restroom to clean her feet.
by johnnythebull June 18, 2010
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When your so pissed at a girl you just want to kick her.
I'm going to kick her in the c*nt and use her as a snowshoe.
by deniedOne June 13, 2010
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A healthy, playful cat breed fused with the Siamese and American shorthair cat breeds. Notably the best cat breed of all time. Try to change my mind.
Person 1: I love my snowshoe!

Person 2: Your pet is a snowshoe ?

Person 1: No! Snowshoe cat !
by RetroTheOPIndividual May 29, 2018
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