the act of cumming into a women's vagina and proceeding to stick your foot in her pussy and squish the gizz and pussy juice between your toes.
Dude was snow shoeing Brittany last night, and let me tell you it was some hotsnow.
by red chickens June 18, 2008
when you ejaculate on the bottom of the toes on a woman's feet
The most fun in giving a woman snow shoes is walking off after you drop the load and leaving her to figure out how to get to the restroom to clean her feet.
by johnnythebull June 19, 2010
Hateful statement towards a dumb bitch u dislike
I hate that bitch, Im gonna kick her in the cunt and use her for a snow shoe
by ragbag85 March 30, 2005
a pair of fresh shoes bought with money from drug dealings.
you see those guys Jordans? those are his snow shoes boy.
by andres u October 26, 2008
The sexual act of using a straw to to suck semen out of a partners anus. Then a rough sloppy kiss begins while the load is passed back and forth.
I enjoy long walks of the beach, holding hands, church bingo, and snow shoe shrimpin.
by Greshams November 8, 2010
When you step in your own ejaculation, usually aiming to coat the bottom of your foot in it. Then you place said foot in a females face and she licks the ejaculate off the bottom of your foot.
Jeff: I'm going to the University of Alaska
Chris: What is there to do in Alaska?
Jeff: Well, you can snow shoe
Chris: I gave your sister an Alaskan Snow Shoe!
by AlaskanSnowShoeWHORE July 13, 2009
When a california womans vagina is so wore out, you can fit your foot in there and walk around
"You had better slow down sally." "Taking all that dick so often is gonna leave you with a california snow shoe."
by Dr. Kenzobis September 11, 2011