When a small child sneezes and snot comes running down their face to their mouth.

If you have a cold or allergies you could say you have the snotzies.
Here, wipe the baby's nose. He has snotzies.

Don't go near him he's got the snotzies.

I'm staying home from work today, I have the snotzies.
by DliteBRITE February 13, 2010
It's what's green and flies around Germany
Pat: What's green and flies over Germany?

Bob: I dunno

Pat: A snotzi

Bob: That could be a bigger killer in Germany than Hitler driving the COVID-19 outbreak, aka the boomer remover.
by the coMANd'r April 19, 2020
Someone who is a major clean freak, and would rather eradicate all filth than accept that it's a part of nature, who also is that one guy who, for some reason, always has wet-naps.
"Why is it that everytime I sneeze, Geoffrey freaks out and throws wet-naps at me?"
"I don't know, he's become a real snotzi."
by erp01 January 21, 2016
Several snotzies held a week-long demonstration in front of a synagog last winter. They should have worn warmer clothes.
by Bruno December 17, 2004