2 definitions by DliteBRITE

An extremely fat girl that dresses like a stripper/hooker, and/or acts like one as well.

A fat chick that pretends she doesn't know she's fat and dresses like a skinny chick.

A fat woman that puts her sexual escapades on broadcast for the whole world to see.
1). Did you see the fat chick in the mini skirt and halter top?

Yeah! She looked like a total slutopotamus!

2). EEEEWWW!! Why would you ever want to watch a slutopotamus take her clothes off?
by DliteBRITE February 11, 2010
When a small child sneezes and snot comes running down their face to their mouth.

If you have a cold or allergies you could say you have the snotzies.
Here, wipe the baby's nose. He has snotzies.

Don't go near him he's got the snotzies.

I'm staying home from work today, I have the snotzies.
by DliteBRITE February 13, 2010