5 definitions by erp01

The way moms sat the word ignorant to try to talk like the children of today.
"Damn boy! You ignint!"
"Mom! You're not cool!"
by erp01 May 16, 2016
Someone who is a major clean freak, and would rather eradicate all filth than accept that it's a part of nature, who also is that one guy who, for some reason, always has wet-naps.
"Why is it that everytime I sneeze, Geoffrey freaks out and throws wet-naps at me?"
"I don't know, he's become a real snotzi."
by erp01 January 21, 2016
When you fuck somebody so hard that the atoms collide and cause a nuclear blast, disintegrating everything nearby.
Frank: "Why is Jake not here and half the town is missing?"
Josh: "Because Jake atomic fucked a girl into oblivion"
by erp01 February 6, 2018
When you and your bros decide to all have consensual intercourse with a single female at the same time.
Kevin: "Jojo, your mom is hella thicc, let's gang fuck her with Evan!"
Jojo: "Well gosh darn it I can't say no. Just be gentle. Those childbirths have made her fragile."
by erp01 March 26, 2018
Boobs so small, that they look like they're mosquito bites.
Jesse has a beautiful face and a great ass, but she also has mosquito boobs.
by erp01 May 2, 2016