The act of excessive porn watching and masturbation to the point where your penis is shriveled as a raisin and frosted with dried cum.
Yehuda's wife couldn't take him distrusting anymore cuz he couldn't get it up for her anymore.
by Jacko 12345 August 13, 2015
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dis·trust /dɪsˈtrʌst/ {dis-truhst}
–verb (used with object)
to regard with doubt or suspicion; have no trust in.

lack of trust; doubt; {suspicion}.

1505–15; dis-1 + trust

—Related forms
dis·trust·er, noun
pre·dis·trust, noun, verb (used with object)


See suspicion.
There is evidence that trusting people are healthier and happier and live longer than distrusting people do.
by Kodicanus February 18, 2010
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The irrational suspicion held by every human that tells us we cannot hit a crosswalk button just once. Our intuition tells us that, if we only hit the button one time, the electronic signal will not be sent sufficiently to the traffic light. Therefore, every pedestrian makes a fist and hits the button -- rapid-fire style -- until lactic acid causes our triceps to cramp up and shut down.
Dan: Hey ‘Weed – you’re not playin’ Galaga. Hit the button a few times and then stand down.

Tim: Sorry, ‘Skinner. I’ve got major crosswalk distrust…and I don’t wanna miss my waxing appointment.
by whiteboyDJ November 3, 2010
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Distrust sans is basically Disbelief Papyrus but switched. There are 4 phases in total and Distrust Sans is similar to Disbelief Papyrus
Distrust Sans is very cool.
by UndermanOFFICIAL April 16, 2020
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