SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN (aka: attack on titan(aka:aoty2013).
A Japanese award winning manga later adapted to an award winning anime.

The story is about the last surviving human city who has been in peace for a hundred years after getting almost wiped out by Titans(ugly giant weird humanoids).It displays complex character development and unpredictable plot-twists,as well as feels.Lots of feels.
''fEeEEeEElSs'' ~ somebody after watching a snk episode.
by pinkafrobuddha October 22, 2013
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Expression of amusement, most usually with a slightly malicious edge
People have been throwing eggs at David Blean. Snk!
by Foul Ole Ron October 28, 2003
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Capcom's (see definition elsewhere on site) eternal nemesis.
"SNK continues to create quality two-dimensional video games, whilst Capcom....well.....just creates."
by Magmeezie August 29, 2003
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A popular gaming company in the late 80s and early 90s. They are most know for the NeoGeo MVS. Which made arcade operaters happy because of the cost and the fact that more than one game could fit in the Cabinet. Unfortunatley the company's worst decision was the Neo Geo AES. The problems high cost for the system and games for the system. The Neo Geo CD fixed these problems but added the load times (which took forever). SNK is known for fighting games such as Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, and Art of Fighting. They also have other popular games such as Metal Slug and the popular Bust a Move or Puzzle Bobble on the MVS. They have recently falled down on hard times in 2001 because of bankeruptcy. But suprisingly re-emerged as SNK-Playmore. Some games you can find from them are Metal Slug 5, the ever popular Snk vs Capcom: Chaos, and the recent throwback game King of Fighters 2003. Most of your SNK fans are fanboys that are VERY FUCKING GOOD AT FIGHTING GAMES.
by Infamous C January 10, 2004
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One of the greatest video game develepors in the world. SNK stands for "Shin Nihon Kikau".
SNK rules.
by nikkan_hanil December 12, 2003
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A company that focuses on fighting games, but has a problem with making good business and with making secure arcade boards. Recently switched to Atomiswave to prevent ROM whores from driving them out of business again.

Also the subject of some of the video game industry's worst fanboying, PERIOD.
SNK is the best company ever!!111 I'll support them by downloading the ROM dump of their week-old game.
by N September 25, 2003
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1)A evil video game company that feels the need to copy its competitor capcom and sometimes midway in every single way. if you pay very close attention when playing snk fighting games such as king of fighters and fatal fury you will notice that the most popular characters in those games are copied from capcom's street fighter resident evil popular characters . sometimes the fighting areas and outfits resemble does as we see in mortal kombat like this one temple area and out fits by which one of the snk characters mai shiranui copys kitana ninja outfit from mortal kombat 2.

2) the act of copying the most popular thing right now and making it into you own cheap knock off such as most cell phone company copy the iphone or iphoney
here is a list of all the characters snk copied from capcom
heavy d:balrog

mia shiranui: chun-li/ kitana

blue mary: jill valintine

kyo: leon kenndy

ryo sakazai: ryu , ken , akuma

clark, ralph : guile and charle

terry bogard: ken and chris redfeild

these are the ones that stand out the most

2)i heard samsung is coming out with a iphoney this summer
by TiTyRon February 4, 2010
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