A person who tells on someone, the person everyone hates, but you cant do shit about. You cant snitch on them, because its what your supposed to do. You cant beat the crap out of them because they will snitch on you, unless you kill them, in which you will go to jail. Generally hated by non snitches, and typically avoided by most people. Snitches compose of 87% of all incidents "reported" to staff. The snitch usually eavesdrops on many conversations, listening for even a "Damn" or a "Crap", and also for anything inappropriate for school (even jokes), and instantly reports it to staff.
Billy is a snitch. He told the teacher on me for saying the word Damn one time
by fluffypenis November 16, 2014
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Typically, a VERY low-class motherfucker. Usually a scrawny male from a very trashy broken family who owns a German Shepard of his own. Despite this, he gets caught selling illegal substances and narcs out the single man who's practically given him a way to buy everything he owns. He then proceeds to still go to prison and threaten and talk shit about his ex-girlfriend and ex-best friends to try to make himself feel better for fucking his own life up. These types of people usually end up back in prison.
"Damn, do you remember that scrawny Lee kid, he ratted his boy out for sellin' dope...what a snitch!"

"He thinks he's a man, but really he just talks shit to the few people who cared and sells his boy at to the cops. In other words he is a snitch!"
by rEaLbiTcH73 March 03, 2010
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1) 50 Cent

2)Lloyd Banks

3) Young Buck

4)Mobb Depp

5) Marvin Benard aka Tony Gayo

6) Oliver aka the man bka ovlivia

7) Pastor Mase aka murder mase(bitch ass nigga ain't murder nobody!)

Curtis "Snitch" Jackson, commonly known as 50 cent( a name he stole from a broke ass stickup man) is reputedly known to have snitched to the police about Black Child, a friend of the now deceased Ja Rule(Whereabouts unknown)whom stabbed 50 at a recording studio. Curtis feared for his life and asked the police for a order of protection.
by Jack McGurn April 05, 2006
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The worst kind of person there is. This person will act like they are your friend but only because their life is on the line. Your life doesn't matter anymore. They will pretend they are your friend because if they don't the feds will take their asses with that letter next to it. It doesn't matter what they did but they will take you down to save their crackhead asses from the dumb ass crime they committed just so they can CTR again. FUCK SNITCHES. These motherfuckers will destroy you and come back to you for a handout all in the same minute. Watch out for the snitches.
by SNITCHES EATCOCK June 06, 2010
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A low down rotten fink. A stool pigeon. A rat. These people need to be exterminated like rats. So do the scums who listen to their reports.
Brenda is a no good snitch.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
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A jail infomant
That snitch ratted us out for a delay on his sentence.
by Duble-R January 30, 2003
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