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yo...pass me them snip-snips
by o0o0*snuglove*0o0o July 07, 2003
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Bry had a bag of frozen peas on his sack for 2 days because his wife had him get the snip snip

Babe, puck a condom on....

Look, I did not get the snip snip to wear a sock to fuck
by B. Hanback August 08, 2008
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The white equivalent of "Skeet skeet" however different definition. This one can be anything you want it to mean. Use it any way you can.
This guy came up to me the other day and i was like 'snip snip' and he knew his role.

Sheeet- I walked in to the doctor's the other day, sat around, snip snip I was done in 20.
by mike March 22, 2004
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whateva a white man wants it to mean
man I was all over that biatch, she had the best snip snips I had EVA seen!
by kyle April 01, 2004
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