Snickering. The art of freezing a turd and upping yourself with it. Male or female. Make sure the snickering is completed before the turd thaws.

andrew snickered himself with his own muck
Andrew snickered himself with his own muck

fancy some snickering tonight love?
by mjrm November 10, 2013
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A tan, Delicious, good looking guy! Who makes you melt With his sweet personality.
I just met this one guy and he was a total " Snickers"
by AsianGirl2497 August 04, 2012
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When a woman (of any race) sucks the penis of a white man, a black man and a latino man at the same time (the three men represent the chocolate, peanuts and caramel).
After the prom, she got a Snickers.
by MC PunkFade January 09, 2008
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When you are at a family or friendly gathering and you are in the worst mood ever. You don't want to be rude, but if you say anything it will certainly be rude. Use this word to convey to your significant other that it's time to go.
Mike: Hey baby, are you enjoying the party?
Nikki: I'm going to slit your throat if you ask me one more question... effing snickers
Mike: Snickers? We just got here...
Nikki: ::callus nod:: snickers
by The Real Magic Mike October 03, 2012
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snickerto throw feces on someone.
snickeredto have feces thrown on you.
utilized by prisoners to show their their anger towards the prison guards.
Hey Freddie, watch me snicker this mutha fucka.
by Robert Rinehart July 03, 2005
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secret code word for a girl that went to Taylor Middle School also look up radlex
by KC September 15, 2003
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