smooth, creative, sexy, and/or having the characteristics of snaz
You's lookn real snazy Owen

Check out that snazy motha fucka.
by okramer May 7, 2006
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To look stunning, to cool fot two z's
Person 1: "Arn't you looking snazy."

Person 2: "It's the new hair, dont' you just love it?"
by KrazyChaotic December 19, 2008
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I think that's snazy!
by Monique1653 August 16, 2006
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is the art of being smart
that is a snazy idea
by Daddy E March 27, 2007
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in 159when-ever nazis became sluts... snazi
by richardisdrahcir February 16, 2009
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classy..upmarket...dressed to clothes....
you are looking real snazie tonight....also your new place is looking real snazie
by Seanshades March 6, 2016
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