(from snazzy?) meaning cool, awesome, exciting, great, etc. term of positive exclamation.
eg 1.
dude 1: i got these new shoes today. they're pretty snaz.
dude 2: yeah. snaz.

eg 2.
chick 1: i saw this totally hot guy in town!
chick 2: snaz!
by snazface August 12, 2006
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snaz is the hottest girl i know & best kisser
your lucky to date a snaz
by xoxogossipgirlbichez December 17, 2018
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when something bad occurs that you didn't expect to occur; when something goes wrong
"I got an F in Math. What a snaz!"
by Natalie Disco April 1, 2007
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a word used to determine when you want an illegal substance or other item delivered.

as in soon as possible.
alright lad, have you got any beak?

yeah mate when do you want it?

by ryaneyo November 11, 2011
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A word used when you have nothing else to say
Bob. Man that cow was one good fuck
You. Oh snaz
by Alvin August 24, 2003
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1)a word to use instead of the word cute
2)when referring to someone that u fancy the pants off......
2)"awwww.... he's such a hot snazzzzzzzz!!!"
1)oooo looookkkk... what a snazzzzpuff
by C-C August 11, 2005
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Snaz means whatever you wnat it to mean.
It mostly means like a mood that a fellow companion is in.
Ex: "He is in one snazzy mood today..."
Snazzy; Snazzful; Snazzless; Pigless Snaz Bag; Snazzanaitor.

"So that is snaz.! Whoo.! I Origanaly mad the word the other definitions are not as well as this one.!"
"He is in one snazzy mood.!"

"Full of snaz.!"

"That dang snazanaitor.!"

"Stupid Pigless Snaz Bag.!"

"He seems very snazzful today.!"
by Matt Killian Peace.! October 3, 2007
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