Dressed, as in, such a fashion to look impressive enough, for someone to compliment someone (usually a Man compliments the lady, on this situation) "if looks could kill, you'd be a weapon of mass destruction"
wow, Celeste, even though this is a semi-formal, you're dressed to kill, babe!
by Allen June 14, 2006
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In the early days of organized crime, the most deadly, viscous, and criminal mobsters used to dress in very nice clothes (suits) for uniformity and intimidation purposes. Of course being the mob gangsters they were, they killed a lot of people in their everyday attire of suits and ties.
Example 1

Jim: How do you like my tuxedo for prom tonight??

Jim's father: Well, I'd say that you're dressed to kill son....

Example 2

Jerry: Man, did you see those 2 hitmen in Breaking Bad?

Jeffery: Yeah I did man, they were dressed to kill, yo!!
by Larry Berkshire March 2, 2018
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