the act of being sexually aroused by smelling bike seats
by ds7855 December 9, 2008
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1. In reference to the fictional character "Snarf" from the animated TV series "ThunderCats"
2. May be used as a term of endearment/affection due to the character's strong sense of loyalty and unconditional love.

(Another form includes "snarfy", which can be used as a noun or adjective, not only to reference Snarf, but also one's object of affection.)
"She's become my snarf- as if I were her Lion-O..!"
"Wanna have snarfy time tonight??"
by jedi_freshie December 30, 2015
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1) A slang from the 50's denoting a pervert (most always male) who likes to sniff farts or ass. The snarf will often seek out and sniff the chair/cushion or bicycle seat of someone in the hopes that they will be able to smell a trace of ass lingering from the person who last used it.

2) Sexual arousal from the smell of ass or pussy.
That perverted snarf was hanging around the school yard sniffing bicycle seats again.

Bill got an erection from the smell of dirt ass down at the nursing home.

He loves the smell of shit gas! what a fucking snarf!
by titties and cake September 10, 2004
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noun; Any person, male or female, that sniffs
bicycle seats.
Bob was the only snarf at the 'Tour De France' last year.
by Harleytrikeman February 16, 2005
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i can't believe you snarfed that whole thing in sixty seconds.
by McGreen February 16, 2007
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When you are drinking something and you laugh and the drink comes out of your nose instead of swallowing it.
Ahhh, I just snarfed my soda because you made me laugh!
by skiperson101 December 5, 2016
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