Using the regular postal service as opposed to e-mail; suggesting that the service is as slow as a snail.
My uncle send it by snail mail.
by language changes March 15, 2005
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Etymology: Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert
(n) conventional mail in which a letter or package is physically delivered by a postal service, esp. when the object mailed could have been sent electronically via email/e-mail and arrived at the destination instantly
Paranoid about "hackers" spying on him, my boss insists on sending all correspondence via snail mail, which means I can't use my spam filter to ignore him.
by BeardedFatass January 9, 2004
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something strongbad does in his weekly routine.
I gotta snail mail in my pocket, and I think it's starting to melt.
by john smead February 12, 2005
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Tax funded delivery of trash to your apartment daily, except on Sundays and certain holidays, all year long.
by SDLynn May 5, 2017
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When you ejaculate into a container and mail it to the recipient who then pours it on their face.
Gave that bitch a snail mail facial last week.
by Hngrdngr October 14, 2014
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A human being who copulates frequently and is a carrier of one or more Sexual Transmitted Diseases.
Girl 1: OMG, my vag is so itchy after having sex with Cam
Girl 2: Told you he was a Mail Snail.
by Him Almighty June 16, 2011
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After having long vigerous sex with a girl from behind one's testicals at most times become coated with the womans juices, the man then pushes the girl flat onto the bed then drags his balls from her ass to the back of her neck leaving a slimy trail.
after pounding eustice's vag from behind now after several hours, larry realiseing that his nuts are drenched in her snatch slime he forced eustice flat on the bed and gave her a good ol " mail Snail Trail "
by Saulsmin March 16, 2008
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